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Looking for a lost friend or family member? Looking for information on the squadron? Then you are in the right place. Please contact us with your message or question and we will have it immediately posted here. If you are reading the posts and think you may have information that can help someone, please take the time to help. If the posting has an email address, you may contact them directly, if not, then email me and we will pass the information along.

The following posts have been sent in directly or may have been re-posted from other bulletin boards, or in some cases, from magazines. If it is related to the 214 Squadron in any way we have gathered it up and placed it here in the hope we can help, and also because you never know what tiny piece of information may be the proverbial "needle in a haystack" that someone else has spent a lifetime searching for.

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Andy Scott whose father's twin brother was Sgt Allan Randall Scott and was killed on Stirling N3761 would like to contact Kate Brettell.

He can be contacted at ((remember to remove the XXX before sending an email)

Date added : 22 June 2014

Paul Vancata is looking for any Serviceman who remember Czech Navigator Flt/Lt Zeleny serving in 214 between May and August 1950.

He can be contacted at (remember to remove the XXX before sending an email)

Date added : 22 June 2014

Researcher Rob Vaneker of the Netherlands is looking to get in touch with relatives or friends of the crew of Wellington T2992 that was lost on 7 July 1941.
The crew consisted of:
Plt/Off Donald Noel Robert Armstrong KIA
Sgt Arthur Evans KIA
Fg/Off Reginald Maurice Peter Jenkyns KIA
Sgt Edward Henry King KIA
Plt/Off John McAnally KIA
Sgt G F Roughton POW

Rob can be contacted at (remember to move the XXX before sending an email)
Date added : 1 June 2013

Researcher Adrian van Zantvoort would like to get in touch with relatives or friends of the crew members of Wellington (model unknown) Z8951.

Adrian can be contacted at (remember to remove the XXX before sending an email)

Date added : 27 February 2011

Tim Richards is trying to locate any living relatives of Sgt Stanley Perry who died in the bombing raid of the Hanau-Lohr railyard on the night of 1 April 1942. He was on the Wellington Z1052. Stanley was engaged to Tim's mother, Georgina Marshall, at the time.

Tim can be contacted at (remember to remove the XXX before sending an email)
Date added : 12 December 2010

Dan Foster wants to know if anyone can give further information on Fortress HB815, information on its crew, surviving family members, photo's and it's crash. He is the great nephew of FS William Briddon, Wireless Operator / Air Gunner, KIA on return to Oulton 3/4 March 1945. The Pilot was Fg/Off Harry 'Benny' Bennett DFC.

Dan can be contacted at (remember to remove the XXX before sending an email)
Date added : 6 November 2010

Fiona Carlyon is searching for any veterans who may have known my grandfather, Paul Carlyon, who flew with 214 squadron during WW2.

She can be contacted at (remember to remove the XXX before sending an email)

Date added : 30 October 2010

Julie Langstaff who had contact with the family of Plt/Off Ewart Duncan Pockney would like to make contact with them again. She knows they lived in Bingham, Nottingham in the 1960's.

She can be contacted at (remember to remove the XXX before sending an email)

Date added : 29 October 2010

Graham Birch, son of LAC Alfred Broyden Birch is hoping that somebody still out there may have known his father whilst he was with 214 Squadron. He never spoke much about his time in the war and he would love to find these things out.

Contact Graham at (remember to remove the XXX before sending an email)
Date added : 7 August 2010

Mark Hellewell wonders if anyone knew his great uncle, Sgt Clifford Hellewell, while in service with 214 Squadron. It would be of great help for his Father and Uncle (His Nephews) and also for Mark to know more about him.

Contact Mark at (remember to remove the XXX before sending an email).
Date added : 7 August 2010

Nicholas Livingstone is writing the history of the early Special Duties operations and units, 419/1419 Flight and 138 Squadron. These served alongside 214 Squadron for some time, from October 9 1940 to May 1941, when they went to Newmarket, and from November 1941 to March 1942 when they moved to Tempsford.
If amyone has any records of any incidents or memories about 1419 Flight, he would be very grateful. He has some idea of the explanations given to curious 214 Squadron crews about the Flight's activities, but would like to hear any information from the people themselves.
If anyone can help Nicholas please contact him at Please remember to remove the XXX before emailing. If you wish to telephone him please contact the website administrators who have his telephone number.

Date added : 4 July 2010

Ian Woodrow a relative of Plt/Off Henry Joseph Woodrow would like to make contact with any relatives of the crew of Wellington Mark I C R1759 BU-L, who may have some information or pictures to share. The crew consisted of :

FS William John Elder
FS Edward Everett Hale
Sgt Arthur Lionel Lax
Sgt Joseph Barnby Myers
Sgt George James Peck

Plt/Off Henry Joseph Woodrow
Ian can be contacted at (remove the XXX to send an email)
Date added : 19 March 2010

Peter Biggadike and Fred Yarwood are trying to organise a small informal get together near Kings Lynn in Norfolk in May. While it is not intended to be a large gathering we would be pleased to see anyone who served on the Victor Tankers during the years 1970 to 1977. Anyone interested please contact either Peter Biggadike at (remove the XXX to send an email), or Fred Yarwood at (remove the XXX to send an email).
Date added : 27 February 2010

Ryan Dudley is trying to make contact with family members of Sgt Ray Simpson and Sgt Bob Lloyd, crew Members of Fortress II, SR384, BU-A. Bob Lloyd's last known address was 8 Keats Terrace, Blacon, Chester, CH1 5UA in 1981.
Ryan can be contacted at
(remove the XXX to send an email)
Date added : 14 February 2010

Andrew Lindsay would like to hear from anyone who was stationed at Stradishall in 1940/41 to give him an insight into what it may have been like.
Andrew can be contacted at (remove the XXX to send an email).
Date added : 26 January 2010

The V Force reunion will take place on the weekend of 24th/25th April. Please see the following link for details.
Date added : 26 January 2010

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Date added : 30 December 2009

Nicola Jones (daughter of Sgt Leslie Hancock) would like to make contact with any family members of Norman Gilbert Hettrick RCAF, who was a great help to Nicola's mother when Sgt Hancock went missing in 1941. Nicola can be contacted at (remove the XXX to send an email).
Date added : 30 December 2009

Victoria Wall (nee Richardson) Great Neice of Sgt Thomas Frank Richardson would like to contact Cheryl Garner who is also the Great Neice of Thomas.
Victoria can be contacted at (remove the XXX to send an email).

Date added : 17 September 2009

Guy Kennedy would like to make contact with Dave Garnham who was his chief on 214 when he was an SAC.
Guy can be contacted at (remove the XXX to send an email).

Date added : 17 September 2009

Allan Corran would like to make contact with any crew who passed through 19 OTU at Stratford UK in World War 2 and knew his wife 2061648 LACW Mary Butler. She was a driver there in 1941.
Please contact Allan at (remove the XXX to send an email).
Date added : 13 August 2009

Hervé Savary a French Gendarme who is researching the crash of Stirling R9194 would like to contact with the survivors or members of the families of :
Sgt C Penna (escaped)
Plt/Off PMW Butler (POW)
Sgt A G Short (KIA)
Sgt G Booth (POW)
Sgt J Stammers (KIA)
Please contact the site administrators and we will pass details onto Hervé.
Date added : 13 August 2009

Robert Sharp is seeking information on his father Sgt George Bullimore Melton, who was shot down and killed while serving as flight engineer on Stirling Mark I R9350 BU-T on 17 September 1942 and is buried along with four other crew members in Heverlee War Cemetery, Belgium. Two crew members survived and became POWs. They were Sgt G A Barrow and Sgt R J Cox. If there are any descendants or family members (or anyone else reading this) who have any photographs or memorabilia of the crew he would be grateful to hear from them. The full list of the crew is as follows:

W/O S A Levenson
Sgt G B Melton
F/S S S Newcombe
Sgt W J Davies (Great - grandfather of Nick Davies , who is posted on this board seeking information)
Sgt L C Tillin
Sgt G A Barrow
Sgt R J Cox

Please contact Robert at (remove the XXX to send an email).
Date added : 15 July 2009

As you may know Bomber Command did not receive a campaign medal at the end of WW2 as the army and navy did. Now it has been muted that:

'We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to 'bring pressure to bear on The Chief of the Defence Staff and The Secretary for Defence, to re-submit a recommendation to the H. D. Committee to issue a Campaign Medal to all members of Bomber Command in WW2.'

If you would like to support this petition
Copy click on the link below or paste it into your web browser.
Source : Kate Brettell

Date added : 10 July 2009
Click on link to open document Stirling Aircraft Society dedication and unveiling of a memorial on 31 May 2009

Date added : 23 May 2009

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Date added : 15 April 2009

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Date added : 23 December 2008

Richard Miller is trying to contact Douglas Honychurch son of F/S Charles Cyril Honychurch RCAF. His message is :
"Hi Doug
Hopefully you got my email in reply to yours of 02 February 2008 concerning your father and my father Sgt. Stanley George Goodey (214 Squadron). Whilst checking out some websites I cam across the attached from Time Magazine and the New York Times which may be of interest. The website address is as follows:-,9171,795814-1,00.html I presume it is your father that is mentioned in the articles. Note the date of the Time Magazine publication is 4 days after he was taken prisoner of war. Looking at the photo on the 214 squadron website (in the Crews and Losses Section) which shows Len Tonkin in the doorway of the plane and my father at the other end of the row, I note that there are only 8 crew in the picture. Is one of these your father or did he join the crew later. I am currently trying to find out more about my father’s experiences as a POW, and in particular which camps he was in and the dates/times he was in them. Have you found any other information concerning your father and mine? Do you have any photos from these times which show your father which might show mine? Many thanks Richard G. Miller"

Please contact Richard at (remove the XXX to send an email)
Added 17 November 2008

Nick Brown writes. "I have intermittently over the last few years been searching for information about the loss of one of 428 Squadrons aircraft during a raid on 22/23 September 1943. The aircraft in question was : LK635 NA-H Halifax Mk V lost during a raid on Hannover . Official reports state lost without trace. It took off from Middleton St George 18.28. The crew all lost were:
F/O Mcrae RCAF
Sgt Jeffery RAF
Sgt Cotton RAF
Sgt Dickson RCAF
Sgt Bohn RAF
Sgt J Wright RAF (my relative)
Sgt Miller RCAF

Whilst checking Chorleys BCL1943 I noticed that Sgt G Parnell from 214 Sqn was also on that raid and became a POW. May be there are other crews that are still with us. I would like to contact anyone who was on that raid as the history books and internet only give scarce facts. "
Plesae contact Nick at (remove the XXX to send an email)
Added 13 October 2008

Geoffrey George Liles. Douglas Reed would like to get in touch with relatives of Geoffrey George Liles, who he believes served with 214 (FMS) Squadron. This is in connection with research that he is doing regarding his late-grandfather’s wartime service. His grandfather, ex-S/Sgt Len Pember, served with the Glider Pilot Regiment (1942-46). One of his RAF instructors during initial flying training was P/O Geoff Liles, 128506. He would be most interested to find out if Geoff Liles kept any photos or papers relating to his time as an instructor at No.29 EFTS, RAF Clyffe Pypard. This may help him to piece together a picture of life at No.29 EFTS. One particular source of information, which would help him to track down other Army glider pilot trainees who were at Clyffe Pypard at the same time, would be his flying log books. Contact Douglas at (remove XXX to send an email).
Added 18 July 2008

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Added 07 July 2008

Jack Henderson RCAF. Please note that it was mentioned in the original version of the Summer 2008 edition of the Nightjar newsletter that Jack had passed away. This was an error and has been corrected in the Nightjar. We apologise for this error. Jack is alive and well and living in Vancouver.
Added 02 July 2008

Stuart Tait is looking for photos and information on George Hamilton Webster's crew and a/c. His uncle, Francis Alexander Tait, was the 2nd pilot and was lost with the crew in Jan 1942. Stuart is an avid modeller and would appreciate any copies of the 214 Operational Diaries for the period Nov. 1941 to the end of Jan. 1942 as well photos of his a/c , if available. He would also like to get in contact with anyone who knew Francis.
Thanks Stu Tait (remove XXX to send an email)
Added 07 June 2008
Email amended 23 December 2008

Norman Loveridge would like to know :
In the book, ‘The Battle of Hamburg’ by Martin Middlebrook [1980] on pages 377/8 there is an extract from a book/article/? "Rescued from the Sea" by Sgt A. B. Grainger where he describes the events and why Sgt A. A. R. McGarvey won the George Medal for saving [his] Sgt Grainger’s life. It is only an incomplete extract and it would be wonderful if we could obtain a copy of the whole of Sgt Grainger’s story. Sgt McGarvey is listed in the index. Sgt Grainger is listed under Acknowledgements on page 408.

Please contact Norman at (remove xxx to send an email)
Many thanks. Site administrators
Added 24 March 2008

Flight / Lt. Edward Clement DFC., Jimmy C. Parker ( but known as Gerry ), Sgt E.J. Rosling. Dave Herbert is looking for information on the following: Flight / Lt. Edward Clement DFC., Jimmy C. Parker ( but known as Gerry ), Sgt E.J. Rosling. If anyone can help please contact the site. Some of the history / details known are as follows:

Flight / Lt. Edward Clement had first flown with 214 Squadron before transferring with the 4 remaining survivors of his crew to 7 Squadron Pathfinder Force. They were tragically killed on 18/11/1943 on their last op of a double tour, their 45th.
Ted and the rest of the crew, as they were when they joined 214 on the 19/11/1942 were
Sgt Harding Andy C Pilot
Sgt Clement Edward J Navigator
Sgt Walsh T.J.P Wireless Operator/ Air Gunner
Sgt Parker F.A.G Flight Engineer
P/O Hough J. Air Bomber
Sgt Stammers Jack Air Gunner
Sgt Harris Herb A Air Gunner
By the 28th the crew had still not flown as Andy Harding had to do Second dickey trips but as the raid to the fiat works at Turin was so important it was decided to disperse the crew where needed. This is why Jack Stammers from London, and Herb Harris from Canada were allocated to F/ Sgt Gatlands crew, as his two gunners had both been injured on a previous operation. Jack Stammers and Sgt Short the Flight Engineer died in the crash at Couvron-et-Aumencourt with Herb Harris dying of injuries five days later. Squadron Leader Penna of course was the one that got away

The two gunners were replaced in Sgt Hardings Crew by the two injured gunners from Sgt Gatlands crew. They were an American named Jimmy C. Parker ( but known as Gerry ) and a Welshman Sgt E.J. Rosling They were to go on and complete 18 operations with Ted and the crew which completed their 30 ops of their tour and then were screened, whilst the remaining five went to Oakington, 7 Squadron, and the Pathfinders. I am desperate for any information about these two gunners , especially any photos, also any more information about Sgt Stammers and Harris. Also if any one can remember Andy, Ted , or the rest of the crew I would appreciate any input they can give me.

Dave Herbert
We now have additional information about Sgt Stammers and Harris.
Would David Herbert please contact the site as the email address we have for you no longer exists.
Many thanks. Site administrators
Added 29 December 2007

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Added 16 December 2007

Sqd/Ldr Cyril Penna The following note was received from David Penna, son of Sqd/Ldr Cyril Penna, can anyone help to identify the exact crash site?
My father, Cyril Penna, flew with 214 squadron in 1942. On 28 November 1942, ( 28/11/1942 ) his Stirling was sent to bomb the FIAT factory in Turin, but was shot down near the French town of Soisson. Cyril was one of two or three survivors, but was the only one to evade capture. His story of his epic journey are described in his book 'Escape and Evasion' published by United Writers Publications in 1987. I am currently trying to find the exact site where his plane crashed so that he can visit it - does anyone know how I can go about this?
David Penna

We now have additional information about the crash site and the crew of Stirling R9194.
Would David Penna please contact the site as the email address we have for you no longer exists.
Many thanks. Site administrators
Added 7 December 2007.

Kate Brettell, niece of Flt/Lt Reginald William Arthur Turtle would like to contact anyone who remembers Sqn/Ldr Groom. Please contact her at (remove xxx to send an email).
Added 7 December 2007.

Colin Burningham ia trying to contact family members of the following personnel who transferred to 215 squadron : Sgt C.T.Enright and crew, P/O R.T.Bowen nav, P/O C.Logan WO, Sgt J.Williams WOp/AG, Sgt A.J.Browne A/G, Sgt J.Williams, Sgt A.J.Browne, Sgt W.E.Lewendon, Sgt C.K.Fawthrop, P/O E.W.Self, Sgt K.G.McClung, F/Sgt L.E.Baxter, Sgt J.Newell, F/Sgt J.E.Williams (pilot), F/Sgt C.M.Gills(pilot), P/O R.Fellows(obs), Sgt G.Hill(WOp/AG), Sgt J.A.Dillow(WOp/AG), Sgt F.B.Kershaw(AG) Sgt H.Smith (pilot), Sgt A.N.Jenkins(obs), P/O C.Logan(WOp/AG), F/Sgt W.G.Vennor(WOp/AG), Sgt B.G.Brown(AG).
Contact him at (remove the xxx to send an email).
Added 10 February 2007.

Emrys Jones is trying to contact John Harland with regard to his research on W7534 BU-E. He would also like to hear from any other relatives of the crew members of this flight. Contact him on (remove xxx to send an email).
Added 9 February 2007.

Change of Site Caretaker - March 2006

Unfortunately Kevin Krawford has had to end his time being the caretaker for this site. A million thanks are sent to Kevin for the huge amount of time he has spent gathering information from around the globe and placing it on this website for all to share.

Responsibility has now been handed on to Carol & John Edwards of England who have a family connection to the Squadron and who are keen to keep it's history alive and have willingly volunteered their time to this project. They hope to continue to keep this site frequently updated and as the Founders would want it to be, ensuring all who were ever part of RAF214 Squadron may never be forgotten.

Richard Miller (son of Sgt Stanley Goerge Goodey, Air Gunner on Stirling R9326 BU-G) would like to contact Ian Tonkin (son of Sgt Len Tonkin) or anyone else who has information relating to this crew.
Contact him at (remove xxx to send an email).

Shirley Whitlock (niece of Sgt Eric Smith, Navigator on Stirling BF516) would like to contact John Fowler (relative of Sgt Harry Hall, pilot of Stirling BF516).
Contact her at (remove xxx to send an email).

Simon Dawes (a relative of Spencer Dawes) who was crew of Wellington IC Z8842 would like to get in touch agin with Jane Brookes. Sgt. Vincent Stephens niece & F/O Edward Baker’s niece, Cathy Cook.
Contact him at (remove xxx to send an email).

Rachelle DuBose Caruthers would like to get in touch with John Fowler who posted the message about Sgt J C Todd.
Contact her at (remove xxx to send an email).

Peter Taylor is interested to find out any information or photos that anyone may have concerning Sgt George William Hunt RNZAF. He was killed in an accident on 11/10/1940, whilst taking off at Stradishall. He is also trying to locate any living relatives George Hunt may have in New Zealand, so any information would be helpful.

Peter's email address is: (remove xxx to send an email)

John Harland is trying to trace Emrys Jones who is a reative of Sgt Geoffrey Bunning.
Contact him at (remove xxx to send an email).

Rosaleen Dickson is trying to trace Ron James or family - last seen operating abook store in Northampton.

Contact her at (remove xxx to send an email).

Nick Davies is interested in any info about his great grandfather William James Davies service number 1266757 killed when his aircraft was lost on 17th September 1942 over Belgium. You can contact him directly at (remove xxx to send an email)

Stephen Matthews would like to hear from anyone who may have known his uncle. The only details known so far are as follows: P/O Frederick George Matthews, 412465. KIA 13/08/1943. August 08 1943 in France. Remembered on Panel 127 AWM. According to Steven Fred grew up in Yanco New South Wales Australia and he recalls that Fred trained at Narrandera on Tiger Moths. If anyone has any further information at all please contact the site or Stephen directly at

My great uncle, Sergeant Colin Leslie Hanna, Royal Australian Air Force, served with 214 Squadron during World War 2. He was killed in action over Germany on 19 September 1942. I understand that members of his aircraft's crew survived the incident which killed my great uncle and were captured. I am interested in hearing from any former member of 214 Squadron who
may have photographs and/or information pertaining to Colin Hanna. I can be contacted at this e-mail address: Tim Hanna

George Hamilton Webster P/O (P) J5471 Killed in action during night bombing operations Jan 28, 1942 ( 28/01/1942 ), Wellington aircraft #X9890. Family of George would welcome any info, photos etc. from anyone who knew him.
Contact: Stewart Murray. Any messages for Stewart can be passed along via the website here.

Can anyone identify these chaps? Photo is from Bob Bennett, son of Sgt Robert Bennett, it is possible Robert is in the front row far left.

Ronald Styles, My Dad was in 214 squadron between 02/10/1941 and 05/06/1942 and would like to find out more about what he did as he was always reluctant to talk about the war. His name was Ronald Styles and would like to hear from anyone who has any information about him.Thank you, Mimi Phillips

Handley Page Harrow K6989. I am seeking information on 214's Handley Page Harrow K6989 which was delivered to 214 Sqn on 16 Sep 1937 ( 16/09/1937 ). Initially coded 214-K, it was later changed to UX-K. It apparently became lost on 8 July, 1939, ( 08/07/1939 ) 'a foggy day', and forced-landed in a field at Barlow, just west of Sheffield, apparently damaging only its tailplane. The machine, (or major components of it), was recovered by 9 MU on 11 Jul 39 and it was struck off charge on 30 Nov 1939 as being beyond economical repair: although much was broken up by locals at the crash site. I would be grateful for anything else on this forced landing. Most particularly details of the crew: I understand there were six. The F1180 (crash report) for this aircraft has been lost, so anything would be welcome.
Thank you, Pat Cunningham

For more information visit the wonderfull memorial and website dedicated to the air crashes near the village of Barlow established by Nick Wheat (Holmesfield) and friends at:

Wing Commander Kenneth Duke Knocker
For my website ( I am looking for information about Wing Commander Kenneth Duke Knocker and crew who perished on 3 July 1942 ( 03/07/1942 ). W/C Knocker was the son of Baroness de Serclaes, M.M., who received her MM as a nurse in the trenches during WWI.
The rest of W/C Knocker's crew:
Sgt Richard Fairhurst
Sgt Peter Inman
P/O Daniel Malofie
Sgt Tristam Palmer
Sgt Robert Ritchie
Sgt John Underwood
Fl Sgt Ernest Wilson
The crew is buried at Westernieland General Cemetery, The Netherlands.
Any information on any member of the crew and their mission is more than welcome.
Thank you very much.
Kind regards, Stevin Oudshoorn

"Frank" Godfrey Truscott
Hi there, I'm trying to find out any information about my great-uncle Francis
"Frank" Godfrey Truscott. He was with 214 squadron #1168521 - lost on January
28, 1942 ( 28/01/1942 ). Any information would be most welcome.
Thanks, Andrea Muzzi
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Flt Lt Charles Brown. Tim Broxton is looking for information on, or any one who knew his uncle Flt Lt Charles Brown, rear gunner. He served from around 1942/3 to 1945 on 214 Squadron in Norfolk, finally ending up (in '45 at St Athans.) Please email the site or see Tims address under Flt Lt Browns profile.

WILFRED ARTHUR HARRIS I am researching into a member of 214 squadron. Any info would be greatly appreciated. WILFRED ARTHUR HARRIS, died on ( 07/12/1940 )Saturday 7 December 1940. So I worked out that he would be flying a Wellington from Stradishall. That is all the info i have, I am most interested in where they were flying, serial number of plane etc... Thank you
Contact: Tim Jackson, England (Email the site or see guestbook for email address of Tim)

Robert L Bennett was a sergeant airgunner No 1826290 serving at Oulton on Wellington Stirling & Flying Fortress aircraft. His main pilot was F O Haynes. If anyone knew Robert or has further information on him, please contact his son Bob at the email address below.
Bob Bennett, Norwich.

Cornelius Matthew Flinders Hitchcock. I am trying to find out more about my Great Uncle (Cornelius Matthew Flinders Hitchcock - Sergeant pilot). He was with 214 squadron during 1941 on Wellingtons/Stirling's and was shot down and killed during a raid on 09/04/1941 and is buried in Kiel War Cemetery.
Will Hitchcock

Pilot Officer Allan James Neville Hockley. Ryan Dudley is looking for information on the crew of Pilot Officer Allan James Neville Hockley who went missing on an operational flight to Antwerp 24 May 1944 ( 24/05/1944 ):

P/O HOCKLEY. A.J.N. (Australian - KIA)
F/S GLENN. T.D. (British)
F/S LYALL. R.T. (Australian - POW)
F/S GUNDY. R.T. (New Zealander)
SGT SIMPSON. R.V. (British - KIA)
SGT LOVATT. E. (British)
SGT HALLETT. (?).W. (British)
SGT McCUTCHAN. J.E. (Canadian)
SGT LLOYD. R.F. (British)

** Please note some of the names may be spelled wrong.
Ryan would like to hear from any of the crew members or their families. If anyone can help Ryan with any information at all, please contact the site & I will forward the information on to him or you can contact him directly at

FL/LT Philip RS Filleul If any body knew or remembers Fl/Lt Filleul, his son Graham would be pleased to hear from them. You can contact Graham directly at the address below or forward a message through this site. Fortress III, HB702, BU.A
Graham Filleul email:

Can anyone identify this flag? Was given to a gentleman by someone who was apparently with the RAF and who had been in Italy. (It has been suggested it is a squadron leaders flag.)

Geoffrey Bunning 937988 Sgt, Wireless operator/air gunner FTR from 1000 bomber raid on Cologne 31/05/1942. Emrys Jones, family of Sgt Bunning has been in contact, if anyone has any further info on the loss of Sgt Bunning or his aircraft Stirling W7534 please contact the site for Emrys email address.

Robert (Bob) Kearns. Would anyone having information regarding Bob Kearns please contact the site. Bob did two tours, at least one of which was believed to have been with the 214. Bobs son Jeremy has been in contact & has submitted a picture of a Stirling his dad had saved. The pic can be seen in the aircraft section.

I am researching US citizens who enlisted in the RCAF prior to Pearl Harbor. Also- Americans who served with RAF/RCAF/RAAF Squadrons. Do you have any information about Charles Cyril Honeychurch? (214 Sqn.) He was an American trained with the RCAF ( No. 4 Air Observers School Crumlin, No. 1 Bombing and Gunnery School Jarvis).

Please contact:

Note to All, Fl/Lt Marshall A Johnson passed away, September 24th 2003, see Marsh's profile in personnel for further details.

On behalf of Marsh, my sincerest thanks to all of you for getting involved with this Web Site project and making it a success. We can all take tremendous pride in the fact the site has already brought together scores of the 214 families from around the world, most for the first time, and has reunited veterans who have not spoke in over half a century. Numerous children and grandchildren desperately searching for any information on the father or grandfather they never knew have found help or in the least, hope. I owe Marsh profoundly for my being able to play a small part in this. This site is his legacy, It is a great gift to us all but no less do we owe 'all' the veterans found here within it's pages.

Fl/Sgt Harry Hall - John Fowler (family of Harry) would appreciate it if anyone having further information on two members of Fl/Sgt Hall's crew Sgt J C Todd - 657154 airbomber POW, and Sgt G Parnell 1579972- mid upper gunner POW, would contact him.
NOTE: If you have any information Please contact the site for John's email address.

DONALD ERIC ALFORD Hi There, My name is Martin Alford, I have just been looking up information on one of my uncles who was killed during ww2 whilst a member of a bomber crew flying over germany. I started with the war graves site and found the info on him and where he is buried and which squadron he was with etc etc. As he was with 214 I thought that if I gave his details someone may be able to tell me more about him, which plane he was in etc.
Here are the details that I have at the moment:
DATE OF DEATH: 24/05/1943
NOTE: See personnel for further info on Sgt Alford

P/O Leslie Dodds. Hello, my uncle P/O Leslie Dodds was a navigator aboard a B17 HB702 from 214 Sqn when it was shot down over the coast of N France. He managed to survive for several days thanks to the bravery of a French family. A Sgt Wilson was the only survivor and he made it back to England.I believe the events took place in late 1943 or early 1944.I should like to hear from anyone who has any more information.

Many thanks, Antony Crouch

See P/O Leslie Dodds in Personnel for more info.


With deepest sympathy to his friends and family, I regret to inform everyone that George Steven Passed away at 0300 this AM. June 10, 2003
He will be sadly missed by all.
George was born May 7,1920-June 10,2003

Sgt Norman W.S, Abbott RAFVR. Information required. Sgt Norman W.S, Abbott RAFVR. Air gunner on Fortress BU-B (SR382) KIA 22nd of June 1944 ( 22/06/1944 ). Buried Jonkerbos war cemetery. Research has not shown up any details of either his age or who Norman's family were, it is believed that he came from Feltham in Middlesex. If anyone can help in filling in the missing details please contact: John Cripps through this site.

Wayne Taggart has been in contact with the site regarding his dad who served with the squadron and hopefully we will soon have considerable new information to add.

GREAT NEWS !!!! Doug Mulhall has been in contact with the site to report his Father, F/L Victor A Mulhall is alive and well and living in Canada. Hopefully we will soon have some interesting stories or pictures from Victor.


Peter Doig Scott "My father Peter Doig Scott, was a rear gunner and gunnery instructor for the 214 Squadron based at RAF Stradishall in 1940. His Log shows he travelled to Feltwell on 23 July 1940 ( 23/07/1940 ) in Wellington L-4338 piloted by P/O Perioli. On the back of one of his war photos he has written: John Skelly ,"Dan-a-Meenit", July 1940 RAF Feltwell. I know nothing more about John Skelly but if he was based at Feltwell at that time perhaps someone might have some information. It's a lovely photo and I'd be willing to have copies made for John Skelly's family if we can locate them."

*** FOLLOWUP TO SEARCH FOR SKELLY: Gerard Brigden of 113 Squadron has also been looking for a John Skelly who was a friend of his during training at an OTU in Egypt. Sheila's pic of Skelly and Gerard's pic of his friend Skelly do not match up. However, by incredible co-incidence he has found in his log a reference to "two" Skellys in Burma aboard the same aircraft at the same time. The one is his friend John Skelly, the other is unknown as yet. It stretches the imagination to think that two separate people are looking for two separate John Skellys and they are both found aboard the same plane.
Also, "If you knew Peter" (Scotty) personally, I am sure Sheila would love to hear from you.

P.S. Sheila has written an excellent book (for personal family use) which is a comprehensive biography on Peter. Brilliantly done, with numerous photo's and historical documents, the book contains a wealth of information on the squadron itself .
(When I first contacted Sheila, she casually mentioned she had made up a "booklet" of Scotty's time with the squadron as a gift to her mom, of which she kindly sent me a copy for use here on the Squadron site. You can imagine my surprise when I received a very bulky package the following week in the mail. Sheila's "Booklet" (as she so modestly referred to it) turned out to be what I consider a significant historical reference document of the highest calibre. Double sided and at over 200 pages it is in excess of an inch thick. Scotty would have been so very proud)

Captain Harold Butterworth. Alan Butterworth: My Uncle Captain Harold Butterworth was killed on 11/04/1942 out of Sradishall while serving with 214 Squadron on attachment from the Royal Artillery. He was with A.O.P. as a rear gunner. He was the third R.A. officer to be killed that month and after that no more R.A. officers were sent on this duty. Does anybody out there know anything about him? I am the surviving nephew in South Africa and an article is appearing in the Inverness Courier next week on as much as I could learn.

+27 393171026

Note: Alan has since discovered much information on his uncle and has written quite a moving story on his search which has spanned several continents and touched hundreds of lives. The story can be found here in the Personnel section under Captain Butterworth's listing, this is an inspirational, moving "must read" tribute to Cpt Butterworth!


P/O Norman Lewis Casely (116071) Mr. Steve Casely is researching the career of his uncle P/O Norman Casely who flew a full tour as a navigator with the 214 at Stradishall from 26 April 1940 to 17 July 1941 ( 17/07/1941 ). He is knowen to have flowen in Wellington L4326 (BU-K) which was later lost. Sadly P/O Casely was killed in 1942 in a flying accident whilst on pilot training.
From the Nightjar Spring 2002
Please contact Steve on 01626 351490 Newton Abbot.


P/O William Ralph Harding (184635) Lost his life on 6 November 1944 flying as navigator in the crew of F/O J.M.S. Jackson. All 10 members of the crew of Fortress HB788 (BU-B) were killed. John Harding, nephew of P\O Harding would like to hear from anyone who may have known him or perhaps has information on him.
Nightjar Spring 2002, (The Nightjar has put John in contact with Clare Pollard whose father was with the crew)
Contact John at 1 Thorton Close, Newham, Daventry, Northants NN11 3HW


RAF STRADISHALL 1940 -1942. Chris Hill who was stationed at Strad, in 1940 to '42 is seeking info regarding Tony Button who served with Chris in 214 Squadron B Flight. Any info would be gratefully received by Chris who can be reached at


Sgt Sydney H. Bryant RAFVR CO-PILOT/FLIGHT ENGINEER Killed in the crash 22nd June 1944 ( 22/06/1944 ) of BU-B, a B17 Flying Fortress of 214 Squadron. Anyone that may have known him or any of the crew are asked to contact this site or John Cripps